Vanessa Rodriguez

My recent favourite yoga teacher is leaving the center.
This is what I can remember her:
Young, 30 years old, loves herself so much (kiss her reflection in the mirror), insane (run from Central to CausewayBay and then yell so loudly at Times Square in the early morning), Jim Carey type (wear a pair of big white angel wings on her back while teaching and doing yoga with us), non-stop talking (no gibberish, if you listen to her carefully, you can find tremendous amount of priceless information within words), generous (people are selfish because they’re limited, only those capable and well-equipped like to share)..
I didn’t like her class in the beginning, cos she was and still is always like a walking soul doing things randomly and mindlessly. Until I was forced to take her classes some day. She was a substitute.. Um… not bad.. started to wonder… how can someone like her, someone so crazy can be so profounded. Many people are smart, but those people, I could have a sense how much they know. I can hardly describe my feeling in words about her “smartness”. It’s like she can always always always provide you with something new, some surprise, some expertise on almost everything. She is like a dictionary + bibliography + experience. Her bottomline of knowledge or creativity can never be uncovered. I truely appreciate her every way of teaching, every bit she has given me. Thanks her for introducing me “Restorative Yoga” in which you can just sleep in the class with blankets and bolsters. For people who not know anything, it appears to be a “lazy” yoga for both teacher and students. Indeed, the teacher has to be well-prepared and speaks all the time in the class in order to keep up the class’ quality. Speaking is a skill, speaking with quality requires substantial wisdom. She has it! She does it! She is also the first one who told me not to put my hands up in any posture if there’s neck pain. Right.. listen to my own body in fact helps to cure it as well. Her leaving surely is a loss to me. Good luck and have fun everywhere!



Vanessa Rodriguez