Living The Good Life

I’m a reading a book called Living The Good Life by the owner of Goodlife Fitness Canada. In the book he describes how he opened the club and how he sees FITNESS in everyday life. Below are excerpts from his book:

“Just let your brain float and be aware of whatever thoughts float into your mind and out again. That’s what happens in meditation. In meditation you clear the mind and let it float. Exercise can be a form of moving meditation. In giving yourself a little “me” time, you can turn your attention inward while you’re exercising, and lower your stress level. Many people these days practise sitting meditation to relax and reduce stress. You can bring this same mind state to your exercising.”

Wow… moving meditation. Never think of that. Used to think meditation should happen when you are calm and still at least. Let me apply it to my workouts. That’s good.. I like to think, and I tend not to think as well.

“An athlete always operates on that fine edge between exhaustion and exhilaration. Many people go through life like that. They’re almost exhausted and they’re almost at the peak of their power.”

No pain no gain then. Guess when you’re exhausted, you are pushing your body and mind to its full extent and that’s the best you can do out of yourself.

“The best time to stretch is after your fitness routine or a hot shower, both of which bring blood to the surface of your muscles. Regular stretching will help prevent injury and make your whole body more elastic.”

No wonder we can stretch better in hot yoga.


Living The Good Life